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Moyock is a mostly rural community situated on the edge of the North Carolina and Virginia state lines. With a population of 3,759 residents, it is among the largest Mainland Communities in Currituck County. The residents and visitors who escape to Moyock admire the handful of fascinating tourist attractions and stunning vistas in the Mainland Communities and Outer Banks.

Moyock was founded early in the late 1600s and developed into a popular port community with numerous farming. In the late 1700s, the community was adjacent to the now non-existent Currituck Inlet that linked the region to the Atlantic Ocean. The early distinction of Moyock as a port and its locale stimulated the emergence of businesses many of which were spearheaded by Fred Poyner, a local pioneer, and founder of “Poyner Oil Company” and “Moyock Bottling Works”. Today, Moyock is not only a residential town for Hampton Roads Commuters but also an interesting mix of tourist attractions and outdoor recreation.

The Currituck County Water Department is responsible for providing safe drinking water to residents and businesses on public water treatment systems in Moyock and other communities within the county. Water is supplied from 28 shallow wells that receive water from the Yorktown and Upper Tertiary Aquifers before arriving at the Grand Sand Filter water treatment plant for processing.  Like most public water systems, the county uses Chlorine for its chemical disinfection process.

The 2014 water quality report indicates low levels of regulated and unregulated contaminants including, Haloacetic Acids, Bromoform and Chlorodibromomethane, which are by-products of the county’s chemical filtration and purification system. Although, the total amount of Trihalomethanes were at the high end of the EPA range it wasn’t high enough to trigger a violation.

Bud’s Water Conditioning serves homes and businesses in Moyock as well as other Mainland and Outer Banks Communities. We offer a range of affordable in-home water purification and filtration treatment systems as well as water softening that provides cleaner, safer and better tasting water that exceeds public water quality standards. Bud’s Water also offers reverse osmosis and ultra filtration drinking water systems.

If you live outside the city water service area in Moyock, NC don’t worry because Bud’s Water Conditioning has several well water treatment systems for you to choose from such as the iron zapper, Sulfur Shield system and the UV Disinfection system for those who prefer disinfection without the use of chemicals.

To schedule a free water analysis to determine the condition of the water at your Moyock, NC home, contact us today at 252-336-2791.

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