Water Treatment for your Chesapeake, VA Home

Straddling along the Elizabeth River with a population of more than 230,000, Chesapeake, VA, is the third most populous city in Virginia.  Its strong economy, numerous parks and plenty of shopping, dining and fun things to see and do make it a great place to live.

The crown-jewel of the city is the Chesapeake Planetarium located on the municipal center grounds. When it opened in 1963, it was the first planetarium of its kind to be built by a local public school system. Kids and adults alike have fun exploring the exciting and evolving universe through the planetarium’s many free programs.

At the magnificent Chesapeake Arboretum visitors can get up close to learn more about Virginia birds and other wildlife as well as marvel at a number of breathtaking trees and plants that are found in the region. The Butterfly Garden is one of its most popular attractions. The 48-acre urban forest is opened daily from dawn to dusk.

For nearly thirty years, Bud’s Water has been a fixture of the Chesapeake, VA community providing residential and commercial customers with the cleanest, freshest and best tasting water in town. We have water treatment systems that provide filtration, purification and water softeners for both city water and well water

Water Softeners in Chesapeake, VA

Check out our twin tank water softeners and enjoy soft, conditioned water in your Chesapeake, Virginia home 24 hours a day. This system provides soft water without interruption 24/7.

Water Conditioners in Chesapeake, VA

Our Triple Treat Water conditioning system is the best while house water conditioner money can buy for your Chesapeake home. Triple Treat Water provides "triple treatment" for harmful chemicals, chlorine taste and odors, and water hardness.

Drinking Water Filtration Systems in Chesapeake, VA

Our reverse osmosis drinking water filtration systems come with state-of-the-art quick change cartridges making maintenance on your water filter system easy, quick and sanitary. With the system's 6 step filtration process, you can be sure that reverse osmosis filtration technology is what you need.

Still Not Sure?

Not sure which water treatment system is right for your home or business? We offer a free water analysis without obligation that will show you which impurities, if any, are found lurking around in the water.

Whether you want to soften your water to improve energy efficiency and get rid of those ugly spots on your glasses after you run the dishwasher, eliminate the film that is often left behind in the tub or shower after bathing, or just want the pure, clean taste of fresh water, we have a water treatment system for your budget.

To enjoy the cool, refreshing taste of crystal-clear drinking water straight from the tap, contact us at 757-506-6175 to schedule a free water analysis today!


Is a Reverse Osmosis System Right For You?

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