The Biggest Benefits of Water Treatment in Elizabeth City, NC

You consider yourself the guru of keeping your family safe and healthy.  You make sure to buy the healthiest foods possible.  You ensure that your entire family gets the exercise they need to stay healthy.  Yes, it’s safe to say you know what it takes to protect your family’s well-being…

But if you haven’t treated your home’s water yet, you could be exposing your family members to iron, sulfur, and other unsavory chemicals.

Water treatment systems available in North Carolina can vary across the board; however, they all have one thing in common: They’re designed to clean and soften your city or well water, so your tap water is as clean and clear as possible.  Water filtration systems also take out the gunk and minerals that can sometimes clog up your pipes, which can be music to a homeowner’s ears.  With that in mind, take a look at just some of the biggest benefits of water treatment systems:

  • Lower Energy Bills: Clogged pipes and water filters mean one thing – your plumbing has to work twice as hard just to do normal tasks.  All that extra work can pack a punch to your gas, electric, and water bills.  With water filtration systems, all that gunk is cleaned out from your water, which means your plumbing can work flawlessly again.

Additionally, cleaner water can help keep your home’s pipes working for years – and that puts extra money in your wallet!

  • Healthier Water:  Water treatment systems can make your water healthier for the same reason that they can improve your home’s plumbing – it removes the gunk and minerals, allowing you to enjoy your best-tasting water.  Well water treatments can be especially important, as well water is much more likely to have minerals, dirt, and other particles in it. 
  •  Softer, Cleaner Laundry and Skin:  If you have hard water, you know how annoying it can be to take a shower, only to feel dirtier than before.  Hard water can create limp and dull hair, as well as itchy and blotchy skin.  Additionally, hard water can make it tough to get your clothes as soft as possible.

Water softener systems, on the other hand, make it possible for you and your family members to enjoy the softest water possible.  That means bouncier hair, clear skin, and super-soft clothes.  Once you notice the difference water softener systems can make, you won’t believe you ever went without them!

If you’re interested in water treatment systems, you should contact the experts at Bud’s Water Conditioning, Inc. in North Carolina, serving the greater Elizabeth City, Edenton, Mayock, and Hertford areas.  Bud’s has been providing residents and business of North Carolina with soft, clean and delicious-tasting water since 1987 and their experienced technicians can evaluate the different water elements in your water supply and advise you as to the best type of treatment for your home.  To learn more contact Bud’s Water Conditioning today at 252-336-2791!


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